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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SolarWriting technology present any health risks?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We use 100% non-toxic materials and our products emit no radiation whatsoever.

Can a SolarWriting device cause an electrical shock?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are completely insulated from SolarWriting devices and the power that they produce is much too low to cause a shock.

How much time do I need to recharge my cell phone or my Mp3 player?

For the average smartphone you'll need about 2 hours in the sun. For the average Mp3 player you'll need from 1 to 1.5 hours in the sun.

Is SolarWriting removable?

YES, SolarWriting devices are easily portable and removable. You can put wherever you want.

How can I recharge different models of cell phone?

Starting in 2012, there is a new European standard for mobile phone charging connectors via mini USB. Our connectors are flexible so that you can change them to suit your needs. We also provide kits for different phones.

Are SolarWriting devices washable?

NO. But you can easily remove them before washing your SolarWriting-enabled clothing.